Supportive care in the case of eye injury

If you are treating someone with a chemical splash injury, or dust in the eyes, simply rinse the eye with plenty of clean water. Foreign bodies which are not attached to the eye, or do not cause penetration to the eyeball, can simply be removed with the edge of a clean piece of cloth. Getting the chemicals, dirt or other foreign body out of the eye quickly protects it from further damage. If the foreign body is difficult to remove because it is attached to the eye, or if there is penetration or injury to the eyeball, cover the eye with clean cloth and transfer the person to the health facility or hospital.

The cornea has been partly torn away in this person's eye. Injuries are a common cause of sight loss. (Photo: Dr Fitsum Bekele Gulelat)

If you happen to see a person with injury to the eyelids, or swelling, you should stop the bleeding and help reduce the swelling by applying gentle pressure to the eye using a pad of clean cloth. Refer the person to the health facility or hospital.

Last modified: Friday, 4 July 2014, 9:51 AM