How to identify community leaders

In order to identify community leaders who can help you to organise the community, first get the name of formal leaders like community leaders. Approach them, and ask them to recommend people in the community who are also considered to be good leaders. Then approach these other leaders, and ensure their willingness to work with you.

Pause for a moment, and think of the most appropriate community organisations that could become involved in health-related work in your community. Are there any such organisations in the community? Are they organised according to their work place, or are they issue based? Do members share common characteristics of geography or location? Do these organisations carry out health-related activities? Are they relevant for health education?

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In any community, various community organisations are available, though they may vary from place to place, based on the purpose, norms and culture of the particular community. To work with these community groups, you should first approach the leaders of these groups and request their cooperation.

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