Financial resources

Financial resources are also very important to support your health education activities. However, financial support is often difficult to find specifically for health education activities. To secure money for your activities, you may have to try a variety of different options. The first one is to request community contributions. This is not to suggest that they should necessarily pay money towards the activities. But they may be able to contribute locally available resources in kind. For example, they may be able to prepare coffee while the community members are gathered in the village for health education meetings.

Government and non-governmental organisations may also be able to provide financial support for your activities. So you need to work closely with them. For example, non-governmental organisations working in your area might sponsor some of your activities. They may provide financial support for training heads of households about the proper use of bed nets. Other resources available in the community may include provision of the space to conduct health education sessions. Your community may be able to contribute the community administrative office, schools, or other places. Equipment such as audio equipment, for example a megaphone, may also be available in the community.

Look at the following list and note down the sort of resource contribution each set of people may be able to contribute.

  • The community themselves
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
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The list below contains just a few suggestions. It does not mean that everyone on the list will definitely provide the resources we have noted!

  • Community provides: coffee and hospitality, community administration, office space and equipment
  • Government or non-governmental organisations provide: sponsorship.
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