Learning objectives

In all your health education work, you will need to decide what it is that you want your audience to have learnt by the end of the session (i.e. learning objectives). The learning objectives you are aiming to achieve during your session determine the nature of the message you need to develop. For example, in order to improve people's knowledge, giving them facts and clear information is important. However, to influence your audience's attitudes about health issues, the facts by themselves will not be sufficient. To improve health-related skills in your audience, specific training and giving clear instructions on how to behave is especially important.

What would a suitable learning objective be if you were teaching a session to a group of mothers on how to prepare re-hydration fluids if their children became dehydrated?

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At the end of the session, your audience should all be able to explain to you how to prepare suitable fluids to feed their babies if they became dehydrated in the future.

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