Suitability of the method

Some health education methods are better than others when attempting to deliver a particular kind of message. For example, simple facts about specific health issues may be best delivered through a lecture. Skills are best developed through giving the audience a chance to practise, and by giving them demonstrations and simulations. Drama and role play may be good to influence the attitudes of your audience.

Think of an important health issue in your own community. What learning objectives do you think might be appropriate to get across your health message? What methods do you think might be best to deliver health messages about this subject to members of your own community?

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Your answer might be different depending on your learning objectives. For instance, if your learning objective is to improve a skill, then a practical demonstration is good. If your objective is to improve awareness, then group discussions may be a good method.

The example of Makeda (below) shows how one health professional tackled this message: 'Using bed nets will help prevent malaria.'

Makeda, who is a health professional, wants the people in her village to understand the importance of using bed nets. The learning objective is: 'To help the people in the village become aware of why using bed nets is important. The message is: 'Using bed nets will help prevent malaria'.

The best method in this case will be a small group discussion, and demonstration in one of the village houses.

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