Available resources

You should also make sure that all the necessary resources are available to deliver the message. For example, if you want to deliver your message using the demonstration method, you may need additional resources.

If your message is about the proper use of insecticide-treated bed nets, do you think a lecture or a demonstration would be better? And if the latter, what resources would you need?

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Using bed nets is a practical activity, and not just a piece of knowledge. You can easily show people how to do it if you have the right resources. For instance, you need some bed nets, sticks, ropes, and some individuals who can assist you, as well as an appropriate space to conduct the demonstration.

A group of women gather together to collect bed nets.

There needs to be a good supply of bed nets if you want to increase their utilisation in the community. (Photo: UNICEF/Indrias Getachew)
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