Monitoring health education activities

The data which shows the progress of health education activities can be collected by several methods, from various sources. During all your health education work, you will be able to observe how your own activities are being received, and the reaction of the community or participants. Of course, you will make periodic visits to households, during which time you can check whether their health-related practice has actually changed. It is important to make a periodic review of your recorded activities. For example, fortnightly you can review your achievements and check whether you have completed what you have planned to do. Feedback from clients and community, particularly those who participated in the activities, will always be the most important sort of monitoring.

A large monitoring chart is hanging on a wall. It shows immunisation data.

Good statistics and careful monitoring are required to make sure that health prevention work is effective. (Photo: Carrie Teicher)
Last modified: Saturday, 12 July 2014, 3:40 PM