Process monitoring

Process monitoring tells you if you are doing the right thing to achieve your objectives, for example whether you have selected appropriate health education methods, topics, contents, messages, and so on. If you are not doing the right thing, then process monitoring will help you take corrective measures. For example, if the participants are not comfortable with your method, or with the content of your message, you will be able to make adjustments according to their needs and interests.

Ms Tejitu has planned health education activities on HIV/AIDS to deliver to adolescents at her local school. She carried out her plan and has used the following indicators to monitor her activities. Identify the type of monitoring in each of the following statements and give a reason for each answer.

  1. She checked whether the health education materials which she was going to use for her demonstration were readily available.
  2. She also checked whether her health education methods were appropriate, and whether they were applied properly.
  3. She checked whether the expected number of students had attended the health education sessions
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The types of monitoring are:

  1. is input monitoring, because it involves checking whether the resources she needed to execute her health education activities were available.
  2. is process monitoring, because it involves checking whether she was doing the right thing. In effect, she was overseeing whether her activities are being implemented in the right way.
  3. is output monitoring, because it involves checking whether she has delivered health education for the expected number of adolescent young people at the school.
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