In this study session, you will learn about two distinct but interrelated subjects concerning prevention of HIV infection. First, we will describe general prevention measures that individuals can practise in order to avoid or minimise the risk of HIV infection, with particular emphasis on ways to avoid the sexual route of HIV transmission. Secondly, you will learn about a series of steps you should undertake to mobilise your community in the context of HIV prevention. As a result, you will become familiar with ways to facilitate and organise numerous community mobilisation activities at your kebele, in order to both encourage members of different groups in your society to participate actively in HIV prevention measures and, at the same time, create awareness about available services in the higher-level health facilities closest to them. We will also discuss the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH)’s national strategy for HIV prevention in the context of your work in the community. At the end of this study session, you will be able to relate HIV infection preventative measures at the individual, community and national levels.

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