In this study session you have learned that:

  1. Even though there are a number of communication types, a well planned health programme will involve a carefully chosen mix of approaches to bring about sustainable behaviour change.
  2. Intrapersonal communication involves methods of communication which take place within a single person, whereas interpersonal communication is interaction between two or more people or groups.
  3. Mass communication is a means of transmitting messages in electronic or print media to a large segment of a population. It is a cost-effective communication method to influence behaviour at early stage.
  4. There are three forms of communication: verbal, non-verbal, and written communication.
  5. Generally, there are four approaches to health communication: informative, educating, persuasive and prompting.
  6. A breakdown can occur at any point in the communication process and barriers can inhibit communication, resulting in misunderstanding and distortion of the message.
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