In this study session, you have learned that:

  1. To be most effective you will have to decide which type of teaching methods and materials will suit the specific messages that you want to convey. It is also important to understand who your target groups are and what resources you have at hand to meet your communication objectives.
  2. The most important teaching methods are talks, lectures, group discussions, buzz groups, demonstrations, role-plays, dramas and traditional means of communication such as poems, stories, songs, dances and puppet shows.
  3. Health learning materials include posters, flip charts and leaflets, visual materials such as real objects, and audio-visual material such as TV, films and videos.
  4. Often more than one approach is more effective than a single type of activity. Using the right teaching methods and learning materials for the right target group in your health education programme helps you to convey effective messages to individuals and communities. This stands the best chance of bringing about health-related behavioural change.
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