Individual health education

Individual health education occurs when you exchange ideas and information with one other person. It is more forceful than any other communication method. It will help you to create mutual understanding with the other person and get to know each other more closely. It promotes frankness between participants and enables them to exchange ideas and give and receive feedback immediately. It also creates the opportunity to discuss problems which are sensitive and need special handling, as is often the case in pregnancy. In individual communication, it is essential to start by building a good relationship. Box 2.2 gives some steps to help you do this.

Box 2.2 Steps for effective individual communication

  1. Greet the other person warmly, in a friendly way.
  2. Then create a good learning environment by making the person feel comfortable and relaxed.
  3. Your message has to be clear, simple and understandable to avoid any confusion.
  4. Use appropriate visual aids if this is helpful.
  5. Encourage participation of the individual by asking him or her to express views on the topic, raise issues and ask questions.
  6. Summarise the message at the end of the session, and invite the other person to say if he or she has any further comments or questions.
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