Preparation is essential

A girl reading a book

Figure 2.7 Books and study help you to prepare for a health education event.

If you are planning a health education event to promote the uptake of antenatal care, or any other health education topic, thorough preparation is essential. Begin by preparing well in advance everything you need to know about the topic, researching the main points and assembling all the necessary information (Figure 2.7).

Think carefully about the audience and pinpoint what they need. For example, if your audience is community leaders, you need to prepare your messages in relation to their knowledge and role. An event for elders will need different messages than an event for new parents, or single mothers, and so on. Consider the needs, feelings and wishes of the specific audience, and identify what points they are likely to want you to focus on.

Choose a place and time that is convenient for as many people as possible to be present. For example, if most people prefer to attend the event on Saturday at the kebele compound at 9:00am, try as much as possible to agree to their choice.

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