Behaviour likely to promote trust: practical arrangements

Here are some practical tips to create a good, friendly first impression.

  • Start on time.
  • Smile and warmly greet the client.
  • Introduce yourself and explain what you do.

It will help to establish rapport during the first session if you:

  • face the young person, sitting in similar chairs
  • use the young person's name during the session
  • begin the session by allowing the young person to talk freely before you ask questions
  • congratulate the young person for seeking help

Before the session begins, make sure you have printed or other materials that are developmentally and culturally appropriate readily available. There may be opportunities to reinforce health messages from other settings and you may wish to give, some leaflets at the end of the session for the young person to read before they come to see you again.

This health professional is explaining contraceptive methods.
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