Services to be provided in adolescent- and youth-friendly services

Stop reading and think of the services you would wish to provide for young people as part of an AYRFH service at your health facility.

Services intended to be provided in adolescent- and youth-friendly services

  • Information and counselling on sexual and reproductive health issues
  • Promotion of healthy sexual behaviours through various methods including peer education
  • Family planning information, counselling and methods including emergency contraceptive methods
  • Condom promotion and provision
  • Testing services: pregnancy, HIV counselling and testing
  • Management of STIs
  • Abortion and post-abortion care
  • Antenatal care (ANC), delivery, postnatal care (PNC) and pregnant mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services
  • Appropriate referral linkage between facilities at different levels.

Stop reading and think of your experience. Looking at the list of the services, is there any service that you can't provide at your level?

health professional not offering a friendly service

This health professional is not offering a friendly service.

If you feel unsure about your ability to provide the services, you should re-read the relevant sessions. Make a note to ask your Tutor about any remaining uncertainties.

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