Girls and boys aged 15-19 years

Many in this group will be married or in a sexual relationship. The reproductive health risks that girls in this age range are likely to encounter include sexual harassment, rape, abduction, FGM and polygamy. They are also at risk of dropping out of school because of poor performance due to work load and lack of support.

This group of late adolescents are more likely than the early adolescents to be married and to experience unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortion, STI/HIV/AIDS. They may migrate to urban areas hoping for a better life but ending up as prostitutes (girls) and/or living on the streets (mostly boys but also girls).

What are key actions that you should undertake for this 15-19 years age group?

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You should continue to advocate for the minimisation and eradication of sexual violence and harmful traditional practices using community conversations and dialogues; create referral linkages between schools and health facilities and outreach services, organise youth (in school and out of school) RH/HIV/AIDS clubs, gender clubs, and provide contraceptives in places where young people gather.

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