Young people aged 20-24 years

Important reproductive health concerns among these young people include; gender based violence, (rape, abduction), unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and sex in exchange for money or gifts. Because of this they are at risk of STIs including HIV, and of developing AIDS. Unemployment is also another significant issue that worries young people in this age group.

The key actions outlined in earlier also apply to this group. Particularly, you need to focus on training peer educators and sensitising community members to the needs for SRH services to young people whether they are married or not.

In general most strategies listed above apply to all age groups; the following are issues where you need to give greater emphasis for this older age group:

  • Provide youth friendly services in vocational training schools and workplaces, and where these group congregate, ensuring you can provide an adequate supply of contraceptives
  • Peer education on SRH
  • Strengthen referral networks among health providers and young people.
Last modified: Tuesday, 1 July 2014, 2:31 PM