Orphans and other vulnerable adolescents aged 10-19 years

Which groups of young people are especially vulnerable to having reproductive health problems?

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Orphans, young married girls in rural areas, and youths who are abused, trafficked, physically or mentally impaired or migrate to urban areas are most vulnerable to negative reproductive health outcomes. More often they lack parental support and the financial resources to sustain on the streets and to acquiring STIs including HIV which eventually causes the themselves which predisposes them to engaging in prostitution, living development of AIDS.

Street poster indicating that some girls end up as prostitutes

Some girls end up as prostitutes. (Photo of a street poster in Dire Dawa: Heather McLannahan)

It is important to keep in mind that the key actions listed above apply to these groups as well. Most of the strategies to implement the activities are also similar. Of particular importance is the need to create a safe place where they can meet to support each other and obtain RH information and services. You need to select and train individuals from the group to serve as peer educators and train community volunteers to seek out and provide them with information and services, and create a network of referrals.

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