In this session you have learned that:

  • AYRH services could be delivered through various outlets and these include: health facility, household, community and schools.
  • You should know the size of the target group for AYRH programme in your community. You can get this number from the household survey that you initially conducted. Categorising the target group by age and sex (10-14, 15-19, 20-24) is important for:
    • planning tailor-made RH information and services
    • calculating the utilisation of services by age and sex
    • monitoring progress and evaluating achievements.
  • AYRH service coverage is calculated by dividing the total number of young people utilising the particular service by the total number of young people in the community.
  • The steps in organising AYFRH services at your health facility include:
    • Conducting a needs assessment of AYRH services provided at the health facility
    • Identifying human resources and materials available at the health facility
    • Identifying existing problems in providing RH services for young people
    • Developing proposals to solve the identified problems
    • Presenting an action plan to implement the proposals.
  • School based AYRH programmes should be tailored to the age of the group and could be implemented through clubs.
  • Community based AYRH programmes should also be tailored to the age and marital status of the young people and could be implemented through clubs and involve different activities including peer education sessions and community conversations.
  • Collecting, analysing and reporting data on the indicators of AYRH service coverage should be used for monitoring and evaluating AYRH services.
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