Handwashing facilities

Despite the health benefits, some family members in rural households may not practise proper handwashing.

Why do you think that some people in your village don't wash their hands properly?

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Possible reasons include they can't afford to buy soap, they have a poor attitude to handwashing and can't be bothered to do it, they lack the utensils and equipment, the inappropriate placement of the handwashing facility or lack of water, but other reasons are also possible.

You should focus on individual and communal communication to change the attitude of people towards the direct (health) and the indirect (economic) benefits of handwashing. You can recommend the use of locally available materials such as ash for detergent purposes, and tin cans or jerrycans as handwashing devices. You can check that the handwashing facility is conveniently placed near latrines and that the water is clean to avoid further contamination.

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