Enforcement of regulations

The water utilities regularly analyse the quality of water emerging from treatment plants, and the water in the distribution system and at public and private taps. They also undertake analyses and carry out an investigation whenever there is a complaint from a customer or a government body.

In addition to the water sampling and analyses described above, the Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority (FMHACA) analyses water samples from service reservoirs and at public taps, and undertakes investigations of poor water quality. If quality is found to be poor, the FMHACA sends a Notification to the water utility, which must report back to the FMHACA on the remedial measures it has applied to overcome the problem.

The Ethiopian Public Health Institute and its Regional Public Health Laboratories are available for public and private bodies that wish to have water samples analysed. Typically, Woreda Health Offices would send water samples to their Regional Public Health Laboratory if a complaint about quality is received. The Laboratory will investigate the complaint, and recommend remedial measures that should be taken.

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