This Module, Urban WASH: Working with People, was prepared by a team of Ethiopian authors with support from experts in blended learning pedagogy at The Open University UK. It was first published in 2016. 

The contributors of original material are:

Tesfay Alemseged, Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources

Araya Mengistu, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

Wossen Assefa, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

The Academic Editors of Urban WASH: Working with People are Dr Janet Haresnape, Staff Tutor in the Faculty of Science, and Pam Furniss, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Systems in the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology, The Open University UK.

Additional thanks to:

Michele Paba, Urban WASH Specialist, UNICEF Ethiopia

Rahel Kaba, Urban WASH Specialist, UNICEF Ethiopia

Tamene Gossa, Urban WASH Specialist, UNICEF Ethiopia

Dr Sam Godfrey, Chief of WASH, UNICEF Ethiopia

Dereje Alemu, WASH Operations Director, World Vision Ethiopia

Felipe Chaparro, Team Leader Urban WASH Project, World Vision Ethiopia

Nicholas Owuor, Team Leader Urban WASH Project, World Vision Ethiopia

Ellen Scott, OpenWASH Project Manager

Gail Vardy, OpenWASH Project Coordinator

Hannah Juma, OpenWASH Curriculum Manager

This Module should be cited as follows:

OpenWASH (2016) Urban WASH: Working with People, The Open University UK/World Vision Ethiopia/UNICEF.

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Grateful acknowledgement is made to the following sources for permission to reproduce the material in this unit:

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