In this Study Session, you have learned that:

  • Community engagement is a process of working with a community to address issues affecting their well-being, involving them in problem-solving or decision-making activities. Urban communities are diverse, which creates challenges for community engagement in the urban WASH sector.
  • The purpose of community engagement in WASH is to improve the success and sustainability of WASH projects, and thereby promote the health and well-being of the community.
  • There are several guiding principles for community engagement that emphasise the need for an open process that includes all members of the community.
  • There are different levels of community engagement from simply sharing information through to community-directed projects.
  • The appropriate method of community engagement varies for different situations. All methods depend on providing clear and relevant information at the start.
  • Schools and WASH clubs are important agents for change in WASH.
  • Community engagement presents many challenges, both to the community and to the practitioner trying to promote it.

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