In this Study Session, you have learned that:

  • Sustainability is a concept used to ensure that activities result in long term positive impact on the environment and those who live in it.
  • Sustainable WASH facilities and systems can provide adequate services to communities for long periods, without negative impact on the environment.
  • Factors which critically affect sustainability of WASH services from the planning stage, through construction to post-construction or operation stages, include participatory planning, social inclusion, technology choice, site selection, quality assurance, operation/maintenance, governance and social accountability.
  • Proper utilisation of WASH facilities may require behaviour change communication to ensure that desirable hygiene and sanitation practices are effectively adopted by the community.
  • Financial sustainability is a key aspect of sustainability and requires full community ownership from the beginning.
  • Lack of good governance and social accountability has a negative impact on technical and financial sustainability of WASH facilities and makes it impossible to achieve equity of service.
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