The One WASH National Programme

In response to these many challenges, the Ethiopian government has developed the One WASH National Programme (Figure 1.7). The One WASH National Programme (OWNP) is a consolidated national programme designed to improve WASH services for the Ethiopian people. The overall objective of the OWNP is:

…to improve the health and well-being of communities in rural and urban areas in an equitable and sustainable manner by increasing access to water supply and sanitation and adoption of good hygiene practices (POM, 2014).

The Programme is designed to be implemented in two phases. The first phase was from July 2013 to June 2015 and the second phase from July 2015 to June 2020.

Figure 1.7 Logo for the One WASH National Programme.

The Programme was prepared by the active engagement and leadership of the Ethiopian government and with the full participation and all-round support of partners working in the sector. A special task force was established, consisting of experts drawn from relevant government ministries, NGOs and the UN agencies such as UNICEF, which played the central role in the preparation of the OWNP document. Recognition of WASH as a cross-boundary sector led to the initial involvement of the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. Later on the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development also became involved.

The Programme document (Figure 1.8) was published in September 2013. It includes a general description of the Programme elements such as its objectives and components, how the Programme is monitored and evaluated, funding and financial management, procurement, contract management, cost and budget, results, indicators, etc.

Figure 1.8 The OWNP document.

The OWNP is distinctive for several reasons but particularly because it recognises the multifaceted nature of WASH and brings together the previously diverse interests of different ministries and other actors. This integrated and collaborative approach is reflected in the motto of the OWNP which is ‘One Plan, One Budget, One Report’. One essential component of this integration is the creation of a unified funding channel called the Consolidated WASH Account (CWA) which allows all funds from major donors to be deposited in one bank account.

The main aims of the OWNP are:

  • to harmonise and align activities and approaches to WASH improvement
  • to avoid varied financial and procurement procedures by the different donors
  • to ensure full ownership of WASH programmes by the government and end users
  • to bring all WASH-relevant ministries on board
  • to ensure equity in WASH service provision across the country for all
  • to ensure the provision of WASH as a package without any compromise among the three important elements – water supply, sanitation and hygiene.

These aims are reflected in the principles, components and implementation of the OWNP. The details of all these aspects of the Programme are discussed in following study sessions of this Module.

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