In Study Session 3, you have learned that:

  • The One WASH National Programme is the result of processes over many years during which the foundation was laid.
  • A Sector-Wide Approach (SWAp) is a development concept where all significant sector investments are channelled towards the same objectives following a consistent strategy, guided by a consolidated investment plan. This has many advantages over the traditional project-based approach.
  • Among the foundations for the development of the OWNP, the main documents are the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2006 and revised and signed again in 2012, and the WASH Implementation Framework (WIF).
  • The WASH MoU is a formal working document that describes the roles and responsibilities of the signatory stakeholder ministries.
  • The WASH Implementation Framework (WIF) is a guiding document for all WASH programme implementation across the country.
  • The National WASH Inventory gives baseline data to provide comparison for assessing future changes in WASH provision.
  • Several national and international initiatives have contributed to the formulation of the OWNP.

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