Programme coordination

You will remember from Study Session 4 that one of the guiding principles of the OWNP is integration. To integrate water supply, hygiene and sanitation services there must be an effective organisational structure for coordination between WASH sector ministries. Programme coordination is the final part of the organisational structure shown in Figure 7.1, which shows how this is arranged at different levels.

National WASH Coordination Office

The National WASH Coordination Office (NWCO) is based in one of the federal WASH sector ministries by the decision of the NWSC; currently it is located in the MoWIE. It consists of a Coordinator (team leader), representatives from each of the partner ministries and professional staff contracted to implement daily activities.

The NWCO provides the NWTT with the information that they need in order to fulfil their role; they also ensure liaison between the three PMUs. They support the establishment and proper functioning of Regional WASH Coordination Offices, follow the functionality of the OWNP as per the signed MoU, WIF and POM and liaise between WASH sector ministries and their development partners.

Regional and zonal WASH coordination offices

Similar coordination offices also exist at regional and zonal levels. These offices are based in one of the WASH sector bureaus, usually the Bureau of Water, and have a similar pattern of membership to the national offices: namely a Coordinator (team leader), representatives from the three partner bureaus and contracted professional staff.

As before, the size and composition of the regional and zonal coordinating offices varies. Their roles are similar to the national office but operating at regional or zonal level respectively. They support the WWTs, develop capacity building programmes in their region/zone, ensure woredas have consolidated WASH plans and maintain WASH management systems and records.

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