The One WASH National Programme is a new development for Ethiopia. Having studied this Module you will know there are several reasons why the OWNP is exceptional. It is:

  • united: it brings together four ministries who have agreed to implement one programme
  • inclusive: all aspects of WASH are included
  • comprehensive: it will be rolled out nationwide in all regions of Ethiopia
  • innovative: it is the first sector-wide approach in the Ethiopian WASH sector
  • effective: funds are pooled into one account
  • progress-oriented: it will lead towards achieving national results faster
  • supportive: all relevant stakeholders in the sector work together.

To conclude this study session and this Module, we would like briefly to refer back to the fourth component of the OWNP and the requirement for capacity building in WASH. We hope that, having studied this Module, you are now fully aware of the significance of Ethiopia’s One WASH National Programme, including its aims, principles, approaches, structure and management. We hope that your capacity has also been developed and you feel able to contribute to achieving the goals of the OWNP.

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