The assessment team

These assessments are most effectively carried out by a mixed team of people, rather than an individual, to make sure that all the necessary skills and experiences are present (Visscher et al., 2014). This could be the district WASH Team and may also involve environmental health workers, community health workers, urban health supervisors and others. In any event, at least some of the team members should have basic public health training, experience of rapid assessment surveys and familiarity with best practices in sanitation and waste management. Teams should include both men and women because people may not want to discuss sensitive subjects such as latrine use with a member of the opposite sex.

Why is it better to use a team of people rather than one individual?

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A team could undertake an assessment of a larger area and/or complete the task more quickly than someone alone. Also, a single person will have less experience than an entire team and may not have the knowledge and skills required. A team including both men and women who have a variety of experiences and backgrounds will be better able to cover all aspects of the assessment.

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