Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Measures of inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes and impacts for programmes or strategies that have been identified as the most significant (15)


People who collect recyclable wastes from individual households as part of the informal waste management sector (8)


Area of land set aside for the final disposal of solid waste (1)

Landfill gas

Gas that forms in landfills as the waste decomposes – mainly a mixture of carbon dioxide and methane (10)


Polluted water that emerges at the base of landfilled waste (10)

Liquid waste

Any waste in a liquid or semi-solid form, including human waste and all types of wastewater (1)

Management information system (MIS)

Computer-based data collection and analysis system (15)

Maturation pond

The final stage of a waste stabilisation pond system, where pathogenic viruses and bacteria are removed and eggs of parasitic worms settle out in the sludge (6)

Mechanical biological system

System for treating sewage using a sequence of mechanical (such as aeration) and biological processes (6)

Menstrual hygiene management (MHM)

Provision of facilities to allow girls and women to manage their monthly menstrual periods, including materials to absorb or collect menstrual blood, private places to change and clean/dispose of these materials, and handwashing facilities with soap (12)


A flammable gas produced during anaerobic decomposition processes; a powerful greenhouse gas (7)

Moisture content

Percentage of water in a solid substance (7)


Systematic and continuous assessment of the progress of a project or programme over time, in order to check that activities are going to plan (15)


Illness (2)


Death (2)

MSEs (micro and small enterprises)

Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees (9)

Municipal waste (municipal solid waste)

Combination of all the solid wastes produced in urban areas; similar in composition to residential waste (1)


Not capable of undergoing biological decomposition (7)


Materials that do not burn (7)

Non-hazardous wastes

Waste that is not classed as hazardous (although note that these wastes can still be harmful) (7)

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