Objective (assessment)

Assessment based solely on observations, measurements, etc. and not influenced by the personal feelings and opinions of the assessor (3)


Assessment based on what the investigator sees and experiences when visiting the area (3)

Open burning

Burning waste in a uncontrolled way in the open air (10)

Open defecation

The practice of defecating (excreting faeces) in the open and not in a latrine (1)

Open dumping

Uncontrolled disposal of solid waste in open spaces such as waste ground, roadsides and riverbanks (10)

Open questions

Questions that allow the respondent to say whatever they wish (3)


Derived from living organisms (4)

Outcome evaluation

Assessment of what a project or programme has achieved in the short to medium term (15)


Effects of a project or programme, usually in the short to medium term (15)


Things produced or objectives achieved by a project or programme (15)

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