Rapid-onset disaster

Disaster resulting from a unique, distinct and unforeseeable event, such as a flood (14)

Reactive (waste)

Wastes that react rapidly with air or water, or are explosive (10)

Recovery (of waste)

Finding other uses for wastes that enable some value to be extracted or recovered from them (8)


Processing wastes to allow them to be manufactured into new materials and goods (1)

Reduction (of waste)

Avoiding the production of solid waste (1)

Reed bed

Artifically constructed wetland with reeds planted in it for wastewater treatment (6)

Replacement (of hazardous waste)

Replacing a hazardous material with a non-hazardous one during manufacturing, or changing a process so that it does not produce waste products that are hazardous (10)

Residential waste

Solid waste from households and other residential areas (1)

Retention time

Length of time that wastewater spends (is retained) in a septic tank, pond, etc. (6)


Using a waste item for its original purpose more than once (1)

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