Removal of excess fluoride from water (5)

Diffuse pollution

Pollution from non-point sources (4)


Process by which something moves naturally from a region of high concentration to one of low concentration (11)

Disease outbreak

Unexpected rise in the number of cases of a disease (14)


Elimination of micro-organisms that can cause disease (5)

Distribution mains

Pipes that take water from a service reservoir to other areas for use (1)

Drinking water ladder

Steps in improvement of quality of water supply (3)

Drinking water standards

Set of limits for the amounts of specified substances in drinking water (9)

Drip-feed irrigation

Form of irrigation where water is put at the base of a plant, using narrow pipes (1)


Lack of rain that lasts for a long period of time (14)


Sudden, unexpected, hazardous events that call for immediate action (14)


Concerned with the intestine (part of the body where food is digested) (2)


Process by which nutrients, especially phosphates and nitrates from agricultural or other activities, build up in a water body causing excessive plant growth and eventual decay, resulting in depletion of oxygen in the water (4)

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