Unexpected and usually dangerous situation that calls for immediate action (14)


Process whereby individuals or communities gain confidence, self-esteem and power (6)

Environmental pollution

Cumulative effect of the continued disposal of untreated waste and release of harmful substances into the environment (2)

Equality of service

Equal amounts of services allocated regardless of need (1)

Equity of service

Amounts of services allocated according to need (1)


Objective assessment of an ongoing or completed project or programme to assess its design, implementation, results and the extent to which the stated objectives have been achieved (15)


Process that assists groups of people to understand and agree on their objectives (7)


A person who guides the people in a meeting, discussion, planning session or other event to ensure that the objectives are met by the end of the event (7)

Faecal sludge (septic sluge)

Accumulated faecal waste plus urine, water and anal cleansing materials in pit latrines and septic tanks (2)

Financial sustainability

When revenue (income) from a service is sufficient to cover expenditure (costs) so that the service can be continued over a long period of time (13)

Flying toilets

Buckets or plastic bags used for depositing human excreta and thrown into the street or on waste ground (2)


Social and cultural difference between male and female (8)


High-level decision making and the development of strategies (1)


Wastewater from baths, showers, handwash basins, and dish and clothes washing activities (2)

Health behaviour

Any action related to disease prevention, health maintenance, health improvement or the restoration of health (8)

Health development army (HDA)

Organised groups of families who promote healthy activities and behaviour among other households (7)

Health extension workers

People trained to promote preventive healthcare practices, graduates of TVETs or health science colleges (7)

Health promotion intervention or initiative

Action intended to improve health by promoting positive behaviour and practices (10)

Household water treatment (HWT)

Treatment of water in the home with chemicals or other methods to ensure safety at the point of use (1)

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