Adaptation (to climate change)

Modifying actions and behaviours to cope with the changed situation; adjustments in natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climatic effects in order to moderate the harm they may cause (12)

Adaptive capacity

Ability of a system to adapt to climate change and cope with its consequences (12)

Age-dependency ratio

Ratio of the number of people in dependent age groups compared to economically productive age groups (2)


(a) general term for all types of international agreement including the widest range of international instruments (b) specific term for some instruments that are less formal than conventions or treaties and often deal with a narrower range of subject matter (14)

Air pollution

Presence of abnormal amounts of chemical constituents in the air capable of causing harm to living organisms (7)

Algal bloom

Rapid increase in the population of microscopic algae in water (8)


An underground layer of water-bearing rock (4)


Individual preferences or opinions about what a person likes or dislikes (13)

Bamako convention

Convention on the ban of the import into africa and the control of transboundary movement and management of hazardous wastes within africa (14)

Basel convention

Convention on the control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal (14)

Behaviour change communication

Strategy and methods for communicating messages to communities and individuals about desirable changes to their behaviour e.g. to improve hygiene practices (13)


Firmly-held states of mind about what is true or false (13)


Gradual increase of persistent pollutants in the body of animals as they eat contaminated food (8)


Break down of complex substances into simpler substances by biological processes, mostly the action of bacteria (8)


The variety of all life forms (1)


Gradual increase of pollutants in the bodies of different organisms linked by a food chain (8)


Biological material derived from living organisms, such as wood (1)

Black energy economy

An economy based on carbon-intensive fossil fuels such as coal and oil (12)

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