Accessible water supply

Water source that is within safe physical reach from the home or institution, usually within 1 kilometre or a 30-minute round trip (1)


An obligation or willingness by an organisation or individual to account for their actions and accept responsibility for them. (3)

Adaptation (to climate change)

Modifying actions and behaviours to cope with the changed situation; adjustments in natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climatic effects in order to moderate the harm they may cause. (15)

Adequate water supply

Water supply that fulfils the minimum amount per person per day, defined by who as 20 litres per person per day. (1)


Noun form of the verb to align; to arrange something in a correct position. (4)

Baseline data

Initial set of data collected at the start of a project that provides a basis for comparison with later changes. (3)


Departments or agencies of a national government that donate funds to another country, i.e. only two countries are involved. (9)

Birr account

Bank account in birr rather than foreign currency. in the context of ownp, it is important that the consolidated wash account is a birr account. (12)

Block grant

Allocation of funds, usually on an annual basis, from federal to local levels of government. (12)

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