The ability to do something. (5)

Capacity development/

The process through which individuals, organisations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives over time. (5)

Change agent

Also known as ‘agent for change’; someone or something that helps to make changes happen. (6)

Child-friendly wash services

Schools services with improved sanitation and good handwashing facilities suitable for children. (1)

Civil society organisation

See cso

Climate change

Long-term variation in global climate largely attributed to human activities. (15)

Climate resilient economy

National economy designed to withstand possible negative impacts of climate change. (15)

Clts/community-led total sanitation

Method for mobilising communities to completely eliminate open defecation by triggering collective behaviour change and installing and using latrines (10)

Cltsh/community-led total sanitation and hygiene

The same as ‘clts’, but includes explicit reference to hygiene (h) (10)

Communal latrines

Latrines shared by a group of households in a community. (14)

Community empowerment

Giving authority or power to the community and helping them build confidence in their capabilities. (8)

Community managed project (cmp)

Wash implementation approach where communities are supported to undertake all stages of a project from initiation through planning to implementation and management continuing into the future. (10)

Community of practice

Group of people who share an interest in doing something and learn how to do it better by sharing their experiences. (4)

Competitive bidding

Procurement process in which several service providers are put in competition with each other to bid for the work. (13)


In the ownp context, categories that divide the programme into appropriate sub-sections in consideration of physical and financial planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation activities. (6)


General agreement among a group of people. (5)

Consolidated wash account (cwa)

Unified funding channel that allows all funds from major donors to be deposited in one bank account. (1)

Consolidated wash plan

Single combined plan for water supply, sanitation and hygiene schemes that integrates the separate plans from all wash implementing organisations. (10)

Cross-cutting issues

Topics that affect (i.e. cut across) all aspects of a programme. (8)


(civil society organisation) organisations that are not commercial, not part of government and not based on family. (9)

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