Strong need or desire for a certain commodity or service. (5)

Desludging facilities

Facilities for removing sludge from pit latrines and septic tanks, e.g. vacuum truck services. (14)

Development assistance group (dag)

Collaborative body consisting of development partners who provide development assistance in ethiopia. (9)

Development partner

Any organisation working in partnership with national and local government bodies that provides development assistance. (9)


Increasing output for a given input, or minimising input for a given output. (3)

Enabling environment

Conditions that can enable a certain phenomenon or event or programme to happen. (5)


Study of the patterns of distribution and causes of disease in a population. (1)


Equal allocation of resources, services and opportunity to all segments of the population. (3)


Objective assessment of an ongoing or completed project or programme to assess its design, implementation and results, and the extent to which the stated objectives have been achieved (13)

Event (wash sector)

Day of activity/meeting/gathering/celebration, usually focused on a single theme (e.g. water supply, hygiene promotion); may be local, national or international. (11)

Faecal-oral transmission

Of disease, meaning the infection passes from faeces to mouth. (1)

Feasibility study

Study conducted before a project to assess if the construction is technically possible and can be achieved at reasonable cost. (6)

Flows /forum for learning on water and sanitation

Wash sector stakeholder forum linking research with practice, led by mowie in collaboration with ripple. (11)

Forum (wash sector)

Formal meeting of many participants representing a wide range of wash stakeholders, usually held over several days that aims to share knowledge and experience or to debate and resolve several identified problems. (11)

Full cost recovery

To recover all costs of operation and maintenance as well as investment costs (6)

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