Gender mainstreaming

To consider women’s needs and perspectives equally with men's at all times; to realise gender is an important issue and not an afterthought. (2)

Good governance

The processes for making and implementing the best possible decisions. (5)


High-level decision making and the development of strategies that will be implemented by others. (7)

Grant financing

Financial support given by a donor that is not paid back. (10)

Greenhouse gases

Gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide that contribute to climate change. (15)

Groundwater depletion

Stores of water held underground within the rocks are gradually reduced because too much water has been extracted via wells and boreholes. (15)

Growth and transformation plan (gtp)

Five-year ethiopian national development plan to improve the economy. (2)


Advice or counselling. (7)

Hardware components

Physical parts of a scheme such as well linings, pumps, latrine slabs, etc. (see ‘software components’). (10)


Bringing about agreement or standardisation among different people, plans or actions. (4)

Health development army

Teams of people (mostly women) at community level who will promote primary health activities, including wash, at grassroots level among other families. (6)

Horizontal organisational relationship

Links between groups at a similar level in an organisation. (7)


Set of practices performed for the preservation of health and healthy living. (1)


Long-term effects and consequences of project or programme outcomes.(13)


Including marginalised and unserved communities within, and not separate from, society as a whole. (8)


Something that can be seen, measured or counted and provides evidence of progress towards a target (13)


Process of change from an agriculture-based economy to one based on industry. (15)


Combining or linking two or more different activities to achieve certain objectives. (4)

Investment costs

Also known as ‘capital costs’; costs of new programmes and projects that only occur once, including design, construction and commissioning costs. (12)

Joint technical review (jtr)

Stakeholder consultative meetings held twice a year. their purpose is to review progress on previous plans, identify current key strategic challenges and decide on priority thematic areas for the next multi-stakeholder forum. (11)

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