Funds outside the control of government and are not included in the national annual budget. (12)


Funds included in the national annual budget description. (12)

One wash national programme (ownp)

Consolidated national programme designed to improve drinking water supply, sanitation and hygiene services of the ethiopian people. (1)

Open defecation free (odf)

Status claimed by communities where no one defecates in the open because everyone has access to a latrine; the goal of cltsh. (10)

Operation and maintenance (o&m) costs

Running costs of a project that will continue over time. (6)

Organisational structure

Describes relationships in an organisation and defines how job tasks are formally subdivided, grouped and coordinated. (7)


Effects of programme or project outputs, usually in the short to medium term. (13)


Things produced or objectives achieved by a project or programme (13)

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