Readiness criteria

Conditions or things that need to exist or be done before starting an activity. (10)

Recurrent costs

All the continuing costs of running an organisation or programme; staff salaries are usually the largest component. (12)

Regional wash steering committees (rwsc)

Responsible for wash governance at regional level. (7)

Regional wash technical team (rwtt)

Responsible for managerial oversight of technical activities at regional level. (7)

Rehabilitation (of a water scheme)

Restoring a non-functional water scheme to an efficient working condition. (14)

Resource mapping

Identification of the sources and amounts of all possible funds for a project. (10)

Results framework

Compilation, usually in a diagram or table, of the expected results from a project or programme. (13)


Areas with people living in small settlements, usually with agricultural livelihoods, and with poor infrastructure and services. (6)

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