Town wash team/city wash team

Responsible for implementing and coordinating ownp activities at town/city level. (7)

Town water board

Committees of representatives from all the wash sector offices (water, health, education) and from communities and other user groups with responsibility for managing town water supply. (6)

Transaction cost

Cost incurred in making an economic exchange. (3)


(of governance) decisions taken in such a way that is easy for anyone to see what procedures have been followed. (5)

Universal access plan (uap)

Ethiopian national wash plan that ultimately aims to provide 100% service coverage for water supply and sanitation. (2)


Larger settlements with high population (i.e. towns and cities), usually with better infrastructure and services. (6)


Increase in the number of people living in towns and cities relative to rural areas. (15)

Urban population

Percentage of the total population that live in urban areas. (15)

Vacuum truck

Vehicles that suck out the sludge from a pit or septic tank and take it away for disposal. (14)

Vertical organisational relationship

Flow of information and decisions from higher organisations (e.g. federal ministries) to lower levels. (7)


Abbreviation for ‘water, sanitation and hygiene’. (1)

Wash committee (washco)

Group of local people elected by the community with responsibility for specific water supply schemes/projects. membership must be 50% women. (7)

Wash implementation framework (wif)

Guiding document for all wash programmes in ethiopia. (3)

Water supply

Water provided by public utilities, commercial organisations, communities or individuals. (1)

Water tariff

Price paid by consumers for water. (6)

Water utilities

Organisations that provide water supply service to towns. (6)

Woreda managed project (wmp)

Wash implementation approach in which the woreda wash team (wwt) takes the lead and is responsible for administering funds allocated to a woreda, kebele or community. (10)

Woreda wash team (wwt)

Responsible for implementing planned wash activities at woreda level under supervision of the woreda wash steering committee. (7)

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