Testing Anesthesia Machine Breathing System

Testing Anesthesia Machine Breathing System

All components of the anesthesia delivery system need to be visually inspected daily.

  • Check all fittings and connections for proper fit.
  • Check unidirectional valves; ensure that the discs are present and properly placed.
  • Check all hoses and tubing for any deterioration.
  • Check vaporizer level.

Gas Source

  • Open valve on tank(s) to verify that the tank is full and or sufficient for the procedures If it contains insufficient amount change it.
  • Check for any high-pressure leaks and correct if any are present.

Anesthesia Machine and Circle Breathing System

  • Turn flowmeter to verify that float does not stick in any position in the tube, and then turn off. Connect tubes to the inhalation and exhalation valves.
  • Attach breathing bag.
  • Close Pop-off valve.
  • Occlude the end of the circuit with your thumb.
  • Pressurize system to 30 cm H 20 by depressing the flush valve. Observe that the manometer holds pressure for 10 seconds. It should not drop more than 5 increments in 10 second s (If a leak is present, turn on the flowmeter to compensate for the leak, a leak of greater than 200m l must be corrected before use. However, all leaks should be corrected before use. Use soapy water to locate leak (s), then correct.).
  • Relieve pressure by opening the pop-off, the pressure on the manometer should go to 0- 2 cm H 20 (This will insure that the pop-off is functioning correctly) If pressure is maintained then disconnect scavenging hose from the pop-off valve. If pressure is relieved then inspect scavenging system.

Non-Rebreathing System

  • Ensure connection of fresh gas from the anesthesia machine to non-rebreathing circuit.
  • Occlude the patient port.
  • Close the relief valve.
  • Fill the reservoir bag until it is distended. Should remain full and the pressure should not decrease.
  • The inner tube can be tested, by occluding it at the patient end with the O2 flowing at 1- 2 L/min. The float in the flowmeter should fall.

Scavenging System

  • Ensure that the scavenging system is connected to pop-off valve.
  • If a canister is being used, ensure that the canister output is not occluded. This will cause a buildup of pressure in the system.
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