In the previous session I of this module you have learnt the principles of anesthesia, history of anesthesia and the responsibility and scope of nurse anesthetists. In this session you will extend your knowledge, skill and attitude of anesthesia service by learning how to initiate anesthesia using different methods and briefly explain the main process of administration of anesthesia by which the student will easily follow practical instruction. As it has been explained in session I anesthesia can be induced by general anesthesia techniques, regional anesthesia or combination of these. The choice of anesthetic technique should be based on surgical procedures and patient considerations. Patient safety, the ability of the surgeon to perform the procedure, and patient comfort during and after the procedure are important issues. Based on these principles methods of induction of general anesthesia, steps in conducting general anesthesia, stages of general anesthesia as it was explained by Guedel, and some concepts of general and regional anesthetic method will be discussed.

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