In the previous two sessions you have learnt the use of inhalation anesthetics and intravenous anesthetics used for induction as well as maintenance of anesthesia by producing hypnosis and analgesia. Their muscle relaxant effects are not complete; rather some of these agents may augment the effect of specific muscle relaxants. Skeletal muscle relaxation is one of the components of balanced anesthesia and the effect of relaxation has to be reversed at the end of procedure to maintain the normal muscular function using anticholinesterase drugs. Again, the unwanted effects of anticholinestrase should also prevented by prior or co-administration of anticholinergics. Therefore understanding the pharmacologic effects of muscle relaxants and its reversal agent is crucial to effectively utilize these drugs and make anesthesia safe. In this session you will learn to adopt knowledge, skill and right attitude to use neuromuscular blocking agents, anticholinestrase and anticholinergics.

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