In the previous five sessions you have learnt how to maintain general anesthesia, surgical positioning, intraoperative monitoring of anesthetized patient, managing emergence and recovery phase of anesthesia which helps the learner to administer safe anesthesia for surgical and diagnostic procedure. Spinal anesthesia is one of the safest and relatively cheap anesthetic techniques for surgical procedure. In order to provide safe spinal anesthesia, preparation and knowledge and skill of administering general anesthesia is an essential requirement. In addition, anatomy of vertebral column and its supportive structures helps to identify important landmarks. The pharmacology of local anesthetics is also help to select appropriate agent for spinal anesthetic and the management of drug toxicity. This session will help the learner to adopt knowledge of anatomy of spinal structures and local anesthetic drugs, skill to identify landmarks and use anesthetic agent safely and right attitude for appropriate technique of spinal anesthesia.

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