In the previous sessions of this module you have learnt how to manage emergency, trauma in general and specific to body organs and clinical shock in general and anesthetic consideration specifically. Burn injury is regarded as one the most prevalent, costly, painful and challenging of all trauma care. It is an emergency injury which able to produce most types of shock. Therefore, the previous sessions are important inputs for the management of burned patient. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it plays a very important role in physiology and the maintenance of body homeostasis. A large burn can alter the ability of almost all of the body's organs and significantly increase the patient's risk for infection. The anesthetists participate in the general management of burned patient and has unique role in administering anesthesia for a different surgical procedure which is going to be done for conservative management of burn. In this session you will learn to adopt knowledge, skill and right attitude in management of burn for which Pathophysiology of burn, the role of anesthetist in the perioperative period is explained.

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