Introduction to emergency medical services system

Introduction to Emergency Medical Services System (EMSS)

EMS System: is a network of resources to provide emergency care to injured or acutely sick patients at the scene, during transportation and definitive medical care in health institutions. Major activities are:

a. Prevention of Injury and Acute Illness (public education and public health activities)- health education on injury prevention, role of proper nutrition and exercise on prevention of cardio vascular diseases, hygiene, occupational safety, promotion of maternal and child health and like

b. Recognition of the Event By Bystanders- using effective education we can decrease the occurrence of emergencies but we can't control fully, therefore the public has to be empowered on fast recognition of emergency events and have the basic knowledge and skill to combat emergency situations accordingly

c. Activation of the EMS System and Bystander Care (ideally with telephone instructions from the EMS dispatcher) the public has to be fully aware where to make calls for more help like 911- and the person receiving the call from public has to collect information about the character of the emergency and the erea of the event, dispatch ambulances from the nearby ambulance station and give instruction to the bystanders/family on how to start the care of the patient.

d. Arrival of Ambulance and Trained Ambulance Workers: who may be Fire/rescue personnel (paid or volunteer), Law enforcement personnel, Industrial response teams, nongovernmental organization or from health institution. These professionals they could be EMT-Basics, Intermediates, or Paramedics, or nurses and physicians.

e. Emergency Care at the Scene and During Transportation- will be given by the ambulance crew, communication will be made to receiving health institution about the type of emergency, the patient's condition, treatment given to the patient, additional order on what to be added on the patients monument can be given by the accepting health institution emergency officer

f. In-Hospital/Health Institution Care- according the information given by the pre-hospital care provider the accepting health institution will prepare their resources to continue the management of the patient or victim without delay

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