Emergency medical service care

The Six Emergency Chain and Tasks in Emergency Medical Service Care Includes


The first rescuers on the scene, usually untrained civilians or those involved in the incident, observe the scene, understand the problem, identify the dangers to themselves and the others, and take appropriate measures to ensure their and victims safety on the scene (environmental, electricity, chemicals, radiations, etc.).


The call for professional help is made by the bystanders or family member using three digit telephones to the call center. Dispatch officer in the call center is connected with the care takers, detailed information on the type and place of event/emergency collected and ambulance dispatched from the nearest ambulance station as the same time instruction on providing first aid/BLS given to the family. According the type of emergency additional communication can be done to police, rescuer, or security.


The first responders provide First Aid/ immediate care to the extent of their capabilities.

On Scene Care

The ambulance with its EMS personnel arrives and provides immediate care to the extent of their capabilities on-scene.

Care on Transit

The EMS personnel continues care during transportation, communicates with the receiving health institution and proceeds to transfer the patient to a hospital/health institution for definitive care.

Definitive Care

According the severity of the illness/injury patient is transferred to general or specialized hospital/health institution and definitive care rendered. Hospitals will be designated into different level of emergency care and directory will be prepared. But basically all hospitals should be capable of providing ALS after which patients will be transfer to specialized EMS hospitals. At least two hospitals with advanced EMS care to be identified and accredited at each region and they will give advanced medical care at pre hospital and hospital care. They will also perform training and outreach consultations.

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