Access to the EMS system / communication system

Access to the EMS System / Communication System

  • The public must be able to notify the EMS system of an emergency in a timely manner in order for the EMS system to be of value. The most efficient way to do this is through three digit system in which trained dispatchers collect information from the caller and activate the appropriate level of response
  • All EMS call has to be made to single Telephone numbers in the country which ever EMS models the country adopted in use.
  • The Dispatch center telephone number has to have three digits. The report to dispatch center includes the type of emergencies/accident, site of emergencies, contact address.
  • Dispatch center has to have communication with health institutions for bed availability, to identify level of service and for inter hospital patient transfer
  • Communication with police, security and other organizations who have direct or indirect involvement on emergency services
  • Each region may have their own dispatch center with the same telephone number
  • The reporting can also be made using Internet services and radio apparatus.
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